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 Tema :The autumn night is lo.. 10-06-2019 10:57:47 
Prijavljeni: 07-07-2018 04:33:53
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The autumn night is long and the clothes are thin. A cup of clear water is not warm and lonely. Lightly squat, slam the key. It means that the fiber is full of love. I always love the unique tranquility in the middle of the night, and I always like the feeling of being quiet and cool, and my heart is gradually lost and even drowned in the cold. When you are alone Marlboro Red, look at the chapters that have been written for you, tapping your fingertips into a bleak flower. Words and phrases are the heart of the past, caressing the words that linger in the memory, how many laughs and sorrows that simple writings carry her laughter: "Previous life, she must be next to the bluestone alley behind your house. The flower of that family, the flower is stretched, the fragrance is fragrant. You walk in and pick her beautiful beauty, and her gentleness haunts your world. From then on Cheap Cigarettes, the flowers are falling, the heart is like iron, the marriage is like water. The flowers are fragrant. The tears on the drops of flowers, how many dreams in the dreams are wet, you often sigh: If a thousand people walk by, they can also hear her footsteps, others�� feet are on the ground. And her footsteps are on your heart! So you always think that she is never tired, even if she feels distressed into a piece, she has no regret when she is wet. Although she often can't hold her hand, she can feel her. Gentle. Although she often can't see her autumn wave, she can understand the sorrow in her eyes. The world in this life is a song she forgot the melody. You said that you must owe her in the past life. All the tears and tears, willing to have no complaints in this life She even gave it to her. The autumn wind danced with a few leaves Newport Cigarettes, turned and looked back. The fierceness in the summer was so short. The once hot figure disappeared in the autumn wind of Xiao Xiao, and it could not stop the summer flowers withered. The leaves are floating. The autumn is all the way down the city, the leaves are full of the world, and the world is full of people. "Biyuntian, yellow leaves, autumn colors, waves, cold, smoke, green, mountain, water, water, wine , turned into a tear of love. "Love deep, how can people? Look at the red maple dyed a season of grief, and returned to the dust in the autumn frost. As long as you have you in your heart, see you as you miss, as long as you have in your heart, It��s better to face each other on the screen. Yes! As long as she is online, you will never go offline alone. Maybe the other party is very busy, maybe not saying a word, they will silently accompany each other on the screen, who is waiting, Whose voice is vivid in a moment? Whose call, who is so wet? Who is outside the house? The sky is cold like water, the head is like a hook Newport 100S, think of you, her heart can not tell the pain, do you know? Quietly ask When the sky is full, you can feel the wind and moon. The redness of the red dust? The pain and happiness are so obsessive, how much water is the face of the pain? I only want the world to love, can be silent, always like to sit quietly, see your heart staring at her eyes Full of appreciation and cherish. Heart, thin and swaying, only the boundless tenderness and deep feelings. How long is it forever? She doesn't know. But at least at this moment, I have this acquaintance and waiting, this life is silly The face in the mirror, the hair you touched, the cheeks that you wiped the tears, you said the hands that you want to hold for a lifetime Cigarettes Online. Suddenly. I miss you, really miss you. In such an autumn night, no matter Where are you, remembering that your heart is warm. You are the pain in my heart forever and the tears of the heart, who is it for whom? The book is like a watery tenderness. Is her passion or your attachment, simmering Word, who is it? Write a thousand times and turn a hundred words.
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